Adding Wind power to Grid tied solar?

I am brand new nooby to this forum, looking for answers --
I have a 10 year old system=twenty-eight 75 watt panels into a 2.5Kw Xantrex inverter going into the grid through our main meter. I have never seen more than 1200 watts at any given moment showing on the inverter screen; most optimum days and times, it is producing 900-1000 watts at most.
I am thinking of adding a 1Kw 48 volt nominal wind generator to my existing system, as my nominal input packages match this voltage. I am just setting up a data logger to run for the year, so we can see what our wind pattern really is.
My observation is that our windiest periods tend to be when our solar power is lower rather than higher, so I do believe that the inverter has the excess capacity available.
Is there anyone here who has done or is doing something similar?
If our wind data says that there is sufficient power for a small turbine like I am thinking about, is this a reasonable way to increase our power in our system?
Thank you!
Michael B
Petaluma CA


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    Re: Adding Wind power to Grid tied solar?

    You can not use solar and wind at the same time, on the same inverter.

    Wind, you would need a dedicated inverter, which, if your house electrical panel had enough ampacity, could be wired to the grid.
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    Re: Adding Wind power to Grid tied solar?

    You re going to have much better success with new/more PV. It is cheap, and reliable,, unlike small scale wind,, especially in CA.

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