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I have inherited a solar pump system which was installed by the previous owner some 11 years ago. There are 4 panels at my well pump (Dankoff 1300 series 24 volt surface pump which has been in operation for some time. There are four (4) panels and two (2) of them are labeled and two (2) are not. they both seem to have the same solar cell count, however, the two (2) without labels are in a little smaller frame. I am reading approximately 31 volts with my voltmeter. The two labels read the same except for the serial #'s and the other two (2) must be older as their labels are peeled off. The two (2) labels read Model: KC 121; Nom. open voltage: 21.5 V; Nom. short circuit current: 7.45 A; Nom. maximum out put voltage 16.9 V; Nominal maximum output current 7.10 A
Maximum System Voltage: 600 V.
To the best of your experience, can this system while feeding a bank of eight (8) brand new 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries run a Dankoff 24 volt Model 1300 ??? Surface pump that is fed by gravity from a 2000 gallon storage tank and pushes water up hill through a 1 1/4" PVC Sched. 40 pipe for an approx. distance of 330 to 350 vertical feet over an angular distance of about 1 1/3 miles. I am considering a 1403 or 1408 series pump to do the job.
Thank you so much for your help. I probably will have other questions in the future.


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    I pump about 2,000 gal a day in the summer.

    You will have to look up the Dankoff specs, and come up with a # for the run time, 30 minutes total a day, 4 hours a day - 2 of them at night.....

    Does it have batteries now ? If not, it's going to be a major re-do to add them in, you will need charge controllers, battery shed.....

    The advantage of DC pumps, is that they JUST run off solar, and don't need batteries and all that stuff.

    Normal 21v is not enough to charge 24 v battery with, they will have to be series panels.

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    Hi, something a bit strange here or is it a typo. you mention both 31 and 21.5 V. :confused:

    Can you be more specific as to what each of the panels are out putting and if they are in parallel or series.

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