My system is up and running! A general Thanks.

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6 months ago I knew nothing about solar.
5 months ago I purchaced my 130 watt KC panel, BS2512i and IPNpro remote from the hosts of this site.

The day before yesterday I finally hooked the panel up to the previously installed wiring in my RV.

Yesterday my monitor claimed 54 amp hours were added to my bank.
Around noon, with the panel angled at the sun the monitor read an input of 7.9 amps and an output of 8.6 at around 78 degs ambient.

I think the 7.9 amp reading was because of light reflecting off my white roof. My panel claims a maximum output of 7.39 amps. The monitor almost always says the controller's output is .6 of an amp over the input, the exceptions when input falls below 1.5 amps.

I bought this system primarily to run a newly purchased 2.7 amp refrigerator, and I later realised it might not keep up with the draw as the duty cycle was much higher than expected. I added significantly more insulation to my fridge and built the cabinet around the fridge to promote good ventialtion to the compressor, as well as added insulative value.

Over a 24 hour period At 95 degree high ambient temps and higher in the rv and lows in the low 80's it consumed 28 amp hours with an interior temp under 40 degrees. At 78 high and 70 low, it consumed 18 amp hours with an internal temp below 38 degs F.

These figures are of course dependent on the Monitor being accurate.

I just wanted to thank everybody who responded to my many questions I've posted over the last few months.

On edit: In an earlier post I promised a photo. I mounted the panel before I was done painting the fiberglass and plywood mounts. I removed the panel and finished painting today.
The panel can be tilted 90 degrees toward either side of the van and can be padlocked on all 4 corners. It pivots on 1/4 in Stainless steel clevis pins held to the panel frame from the inside with galavanized angle aluminum and rivets.

I can remove the panel completely in under 2 minutes.

Thanks again


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    Re: My system is up and running! A general Thanks.

    Wow - looks very neat. Thanks for the pics, it will give me ideas for the future.
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    Re: My system is up and running! A general Thanks.

    8) Looks great... Enjoy!

    Jim / crewzer