Xantrex XW Grid Support/Load Sharing Settings version II

I am installing a Grid Tie Solar Energy System with Battery Backup Power using (2) Xantrex Inverters ( PIXW-4548 ) & (16) AGM deep cycle 12v 245AH LTP Deka batteries.
As I first understood it, the batteries would kick in only if the grid went down.
Now I see that with lad shaving I might be able to set up the Xantrex system so that the batteries are used every day (say in the evening when no solar is being generated). :D
As I understand it, I’d still be connected to the grid and not have to manually throw some switch. Is that correct?
How do I configure the system settings to do that? :confused:
Thanks for any replies!


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    Re: Xantrex XW Grid Support/Load Sharing Settings

    I also have a question about grid support/sell settings

    My system: 2 xw 6048 inverters (Xantrex), 4 xw60 charge controllers, 48 v - (4) 12 v AGM 220 AH, (45) 230w Sharp modules. I have charging set to 2 stage, no float because I'm trying to maximize sell kW. Sell is enabled, and grid support volts set at 51.8 volts.

    I had one month of good production (50+ kWh per day) and then everything suddenly dropped to about 25 kWh per day.

    Any idea why this would happen? Does it sound like a battery problem?
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    Re: Xantrex XW Grid Support/Load Sharing Settings

    Too many questions without enough details.

    Time shifting energy useage through batteries is usually not economical.

    Later folks should start their own thread to avoid confusion in responses.

    State your software rev. as answer may be different depending on software rev. Later XW inverter SW rev takes on charge controller settings.
    Two XW6048's and four XW60 with forty five 230 watt panels on just 220 AH of batteries is receipe for troubles.
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    Re: Xantrex XW Grid Support/Load Sharing Settings version II

    Move to its own thread for continued discussions....

    -Bill B. Moderator
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