New Netmeter

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FPL contractor knocked on the door today with the new digital Netmeter to install.

I walked out to the garage to cut the grid breakers to my inverters but before I could get the breaker box open the guy had pulled the old meter and within a few seconds popped the new Netmeter in. Total time he spent doing the change out was less then 30 seconds, including the anti-tamper clip attachment.

So I went out to look it over. It has LCD display with large numbers for the kWH's used. It also has a smaller readout at the lower left hand side of display that switches between grid voltage (242 v reading), present kW's being drawn, and the characters 'Adi', whatever that means.

I was a bit alarmed that the present power useage was reading about 5.5 kW's where my inverters was showing about 900 watts. It took me a few moments to remember that the electronic controller on my hot water heater (which is not passing through my inverters) recycles ON for a couple of minutes whenever power is interrupted. A few minutes later the meter showed 0.910 kW's being used after the hot water heater dropped off.

Anyway, new meter looks neat and sticks out less then old meter. When power company gets the computer system finished we are suppose to be able to log on and get hourly history on power usages.


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    Re: New Netmeter

    interesting features for you, but what do you think possessed them to change out the meter and go with this one?
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    Re: New Netmeter

    Nice! I wish I could get that meter! Thinking about buying a TED... Having meters with data logging capabilities with remote viewing would be great for the cabin and such.
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    Re: New Netmeter

    They sent a postcard out about a month ago saying they are doing a system wide change out and will be around to change the meter within the next few weeks. It is for every customer, not just PV grid tied sites.

    They call it their Smartmeter.

    It is netmeter capable. FPL gives you a running credit for any net pushed power from PV system. Will be able to tell on hourly basis any excess power to grid pushing (negative consumption). They settle up any net credits left at end of year. The smartmeter will also tattle on any unauthorized grid interactive power pushes to their grid.

    I'm going to look for a nearby weather data site to download hourly weather/temperature history info for my area so I can correlate my air conditioner useage versus outside temperature. My thermostat logs daily hours of A/C run time but no info by time of day.

    I just looked up examples on FPL site and it seems to include temp readout. I wonder if meter has a temp sensor in it.
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    Re: New Netmeter

    Interesting data,92F I could only wish,like 105F here today.
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    Re: New Netmeter
    solar_dave wrote: »
    Interesting data,92F I could only wish,like 105F here today.

    But it's a dry heat. ;)
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