xantrex c12 setup

rdicksonrdickson Registered Users Posts: 5
I've inherited the maintenance of several solar path light systems in my community, all using a trace/xantrex c12 controller. Some of them are a number of years old at this point
we use these as lighting controllers and they have generally worked great for some years now turning the lights on/off.

We're replacing our old CFL fixtures with LED fixtures and have appropriately downsized the battery. On the one system that I've replaced the battery (with a concorde AGM sunextender), the lights won't go off at all.
I don't know if this was a problem before I replaced the battery 'cause the old batteries were kaput.

Does this mean the c12 has gone bad? I've got the manual and set the bulk and float as recommended, but I really don't have a clue where to set the LVR and LVD. I just can't seem to find that info anywhere.

any help offered would be appreciated.



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