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  • Re: Reasons We Live Off-Grid

    Re: Reasons We Live Off-Grid

    Clean air
    Clean water
    Elbow room...I was able to build the big shop that I always wanted.
    Econ major...if the debt doesn't concern you, consider yourself lucky?
    I like to think of myself as more akin to an eagle than a sheep.

    Built this sunroom last year. Great heat engine when the sun shines. Keeps away some winter doldrums. Been building for over four years. Shoot, someday I'll have a kitchen that works and working plumbing during the winter.

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  • Re: Frigidaire on modified sine power

    Estragon said:
    In a sense, the fridge may be "weaker". The compressor just moves heat from inside the fridge to outside. The compressor itself is likely not affected by the MSW, but the motor, generally packaged with/near the compressor, will likely be heating more. Depending on how and where the compressor disipates heat, the extra heat from the motor may also have to be overcome.

    Good to know you don't have to lug the thing in for repair. My cabin is also water/ice access, and I know how much of a PITA that can be.
    FWIW and more technically speaking.....refrigeration compressors are "removing energy". Heat is energy. 

    Speaking of which, I have to go look at my BP panels before they have absorbed too much energy.
  • Re: Plausibility of 2 gallon electric hot water heater?

    A neighbor started using an "instant on" with a 5 gallon propane bottle and is happy. Those instant on's cost more than regular water heaters as I recall. 

    Since I have this little tank, I may as well use it. I can take nice big showers in Denver bungalow. 
  • Re: What would happen if I used my old 8D's with my new 8D's?

    Curious readings after hooking up the second bank new/older 8D AGMs that were fully charged though never used: I waited until bulk readings were ~54 volts on the old first bank of 8D FLAs. Just couldn't wait any longer. :)

    The reading comparison between the two banks is highly similar except for one thing:
    New 8D AGMs: 3 batteries at ~~14.5 volts. 1 battery receiving the black negative from the charger is at 15.1 volts.
    Old 8D FLAs: 3 batteries at ~14.5. 1 battery receiving the red positive from the charger is at 15.1 volts.

    Today, at least, I will try to check all batteries every hour.
  • Re: What would happen if I used my old 8D's with my new 8D's?

    Changing the subject a bit here. My experience has been that one doesn't need super healthy batteries to provide good service. What one can not tolerate is a single bad cell in any battery.

    I lost service at 1am with seven decent batteries, the eighth battery showing two bad cells. Currently taking a charge which is a bit surprising really. Usually a battery with a bad cell will not take a charge. Though the charging has only been happening for ~20 minutes.

    Does one bad cell effectively short out the entire string? That is how it seems.

    FLA are not a bad "pain to maintain". Why do so many internet personas seem to think that everybody has buckets of extra cash anyway? I see this several times/day. Government agents trying to stimulate economy?