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  • Re: Frigidaire on modified sine power

    It wasn't many years ago that propane refrigeration was "derigueur" for off gridders. We have recently come so far as a result of giant, low cost panels.  Shoot....I run a full size refrigerator and two freezers. There are reasons for that...

    Reading the comments of those who have forgotten more than I know, it seems like pure sine wave is worth it. The smaller, lighter "high frequency" pure sign wave inverters are quite affordable and many of us have been quite happy with the results. 
  • Re: Cable Connections: Battery Bank

    I keep thinking freezers in Texas during the summer are possibly related to these problems. How hot are the rooms where they are located?

    Your charge controller, inverter, and batteries will all last much longer if you can figure out a way to keep them "cool". Heat kills electronics. For that matter, you can look at heat as generally "speeding up the metabolism" of most things. Thus shortening the life of food, batteries, chemicals, electronics and other things.

    You may have low humidity which, of course, helps with storage longevity issues.
  • Re: Problems getting the new Schneider/Xantrex C-35 controller to work...

    Have two solar challenges at the moment. Recent developments:
    Xantrex C-35 shows about 27.6 volts at the terminals. That may seem alright though it is , of course, having little impact on the 1650 pound battery. The battery voltage has risen from 24.1 to 24.2 volts in the past two hours. Maybe the controller is OK now while it was doing nothing while blinking red/green.

    48 volt bank survived the night with one battery bank instead of two. Morning voltage was 48.2. Still thinking of using it until it dies. Every month I squeeze out of it saves me ~~$75 in battery usage. Cripes....I could likely squeeze another year out of it by spending ~$400-600 on replacement batteries. Gee.

    Genset usage is OK. I just managed it improperly when I awoke, stunned, to a 1am power outage.

    Things are looking up today for sure. Yesterday morning was a nightmare. The controller was saying scary things like Comm Error etc. I was worried about a bad controller and/or inverter and/or genset. It was me being stupid.....out of practice.

    EDIT: Wrote this sometime yesterday and failed to get it posted.
  • Re: Where does solar/renewables go from here? What will happen with President elect Trump?

    We  all know that oil will become harder to get....someday. Tar sands may keep us going for a looong time after the Middle East runs a bit short. I consider it prudent to keep on working on alternate energy sources. Government throwing money at it? Who else has the pockets?

    Yet when I look at the math of many government subsidies, I think "We are toast."