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  • Re: unconventional battery charging

    Open a gym, charge admission, and have a lot of bike exercise stations, to power your house from.

    A average person can manage 50-75watts for an hour, on a bike power generator. More than enough to charge a laptop.
  • Re: Solar System Lease from Streamline Solar

    I think with solar, leases are to be avoided. The company gets the benefits, homeowner gets the leftovers
  • Re: Need help testing new rv solar set up.

    Domromer said:
    .... Next I went on the roof to check the mc4 connectors, they seemed good and tight and I opened and closed them a few times so they seem good. .....
    Yep, they likely were good.  But not anymore.  Opening and closing MC4 is only supposed to be done in the dark, or with breakers off so that there is no current (amps) flowing.  The gold plate contacts internally are not rated for make - break operation and will arc the low resistance gold plate, away.

  • Re: Solar Controlers , Im baffeled

    Sweet, if all that is in it.  I thought the PWM models were bare bone.
     There are some specific serial - USB port adapters that work (cheap too)
     but need to be completely compatible with the RS232 spec, including providing + & - power supplys

    Page 12 is USB-Serial
    It has been reported that some USB to Serial adapters will not
    work with either the MSC or our controllers.
     This is usually due to the adapter output voltage being below the
    RS-232 electrical specification. Section 11.0 Troubleshooting explains this further.
    Recommended:  Tripp Lite USB / Serial DB-9 Adapter: Tripp Lite U209-000-R


    The array is NOT 12V.   It is an 18V array for charging a 12V battery.   Wire a pump directly to an 18V panel and you will be buying a lot of pumps.   Trying to wire a 18-12V DC-DC will not work, at some point in the day (like when the PWM charger first kicks on and effectively drops the panel voltage to 12V) it will collapse the Panel voltage and no more pumping that day,

    As BB said, an LCB is the tool to use.  But I have no idea how well it will work wired in parallel with a PWM controller. My guess is poorly.

     A 12V Vmp array is good for charging a 6 or 8 V battery,   Panel voltage HAS to be larger than battery voltage in order to "Push Amps" into the batteries at a reasonable rate.