3x345w panels. With MPPT Controller.

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Ok my question is, will the 40a MPPT charge controller work with these Panels, wired as parallel to charge 2 (12v batteries 105ah each ,wired as parallel as well.) I think the panels are 24v. Here is back label.


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    This is the label of the panels that i would like to buy. Do you think they are good panels? And which is better Mono or poly?
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    Well the math doesn't work well for you, You have 3 x 345 watts of panels for a total of 1035 watts, they should produce about 75% of the STC rating or 780 watts,  780 watts through a MPPT type charge controller at charging voltage for 12 volt, should produce 780/14.5= 54 amps.... You would want to go to a 60 amp charge controller to fully utilize the panels.
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    Regarding mono or polycrystalline, not much difference in output to warrant the extra cost unless space is of concern. Adding to Photowhits comments, MPPT controllers can use cheaper 60 cell panels in the 250W range, but the limitations that a 12V nominal system has reduces total wattage, moving to a 24V nominal system would be advantageous for many reasons, larger array for same controller, smaller conductors, series battery etcetera, is there a reason to limit to 12V? 
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