MC4 connector problem

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So I understood that the MC4 connector can only accept a wire size between (12AWG - 10AWG) but what about if I want to connect a bigger wire to my solar panel ? Do I have to manually remove the MC4 of the back of the panel (but this will void the warranty of the panels) ? So what should I do to connect my solar panels using a bigger wire?

*BTW, the wire I am talking about is the wire between the solar panel array and the charge controller.


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    Depending on the length and gauge required, a length of 8 gauge could be used, need 10 feet buy a 20' length and cut in half, one male one female on each. Think 8 gauge is the largest available
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    Connect your 10AWG panels wires to a combiner box with breakers and then you will be able to use a single and bigger cable (#8, #6, #4AWG) from the combiner box to your controller or inverter/controller panel. You won't need to use MC4 on this single wire.
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