non-solar smart charger?

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I'm looking for a smart, 120VAC, 12VDC,  low amp, lead acid charger that is highly configurable.  Certainly with temperature compensation, but would also like good control over charging volts, amps, absorb, float, etc.    IUIa charging would be nice.  I've looked and haven't found anything close.   It's odd that some solar charge controllers are so much better.

I could use a personal computer to control a digitally controlled DC-DC converter (eg ZXY6005S), but I'm trying to avoid that (and there is the issue of a temp sensor).


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    Tough search looking for all the parameters needed, a search for rocking horse manure would probably  yeald  more results  :D
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    Read through this thread... Marc Kurth found a charger that looks interesting from Fullriver. Lots of programmability. Plus some discussions about other chargers...

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