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Hello everyone
I new to this site and the solar panels systems
I would like to get some feed back in how to be able to run an AC unit that requires
208/230 single phase 50A brakes
The unit is Mitsubishi Mr Slim 42000 btu
Any information would be appreciated


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    Air conditioning with solar is an expensive proposition, 42000Btu is not a small unit, before getting into details, why are you considering solar and is grid power available, rationale behind this question is if grid is available solar could be used to supplement the grid, if off grid you would need to have a massive battery bank.  
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    The best place to start with any load is to measure the kwh/day.

    You might look at alternative AC units that cool water.  Cold water in a large tank can eliminate almost all use of batteries (only some minimal pumping and fan power).

    Super insulation and air sealing is also important.
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    It is not that expensive during the sunlight hours to do this. Completely different after sundown!
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