Trace/Xantrex DR 2412 Inverter Problem

I have a Trace/Xantrex DR 2412 inverter that no longer wants to charge off the power grid, and it takes the 30-60 seconds search mode before I can turn it on. it still functions as a inverter............but not the battery what's wrong? Fixable?


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    Re: Trace/Xantrex DR 2412 Inverter Problem

    Perhaps it's time to bite the bullet and get an outback?
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    Re: Trace/Xantrex DR 2412 Inverter Problem

    The DR series inverter function and charging function are somewhat independent (in comparison to SW series which inverter is also charger).

    There is a conventional modified sinewave inverter that drives the input to a 24 vac to 120 vac isolation transformer. This is very similar to older computer UPS power supply units.

    In charging, this transformer is used in reverse as a step down transformer. There are rectifiers on transformer output to converter to DC to charge batteries. The DR series maximum charge rate is very dependent on input AC voltage level.

    To do this transformer reversing there are power relays. This would be one thing to check. Other would be charge rectifiers. If problem is a controller board issue then it probably is not worth fixing.

    The DR controller board does semi-syncronize the modified sinewave inverter control to a connected AC input so it can do an immediate switch over to inverter if AC input goes down. Ths prevents the possible phase discontinuity during a crossover.
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