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My system comprises 6 Kyocera 120 watt solar panels wired for 24V, an Xantrex C40 Controller, 8 x 6 volt Surrette batteries, 700AH at 24V and an Xantrex 4024 Inverter. I have a brand new spare C60 Controller. If, as and when my C40 Controller fails can I safely use the C60 in my system?
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    Re: C60 Controller

    I don't know - you may have to add 4 more panels.
    Oh wait, you COULD add more panels.
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    Re: C60 Controller

    The KC120's STC Voc is 21.5 V, so two in series would be 43.0 V. Allowing for the NEC's 125% temp correction factor for fairly cold climates (down to -40 F / -40 C), your array's early morning Voc somewhere in Ontario, Canada, could well be 43.0 V x 125% = 53.75 V. This is very close to the C60's max input voltage spec of 55 V, so you'll need to give that some consideration, especially if you factor in reasonable performance tolerances (+/- 5%? 10%?)

    See: http://www.xantrex.com/web/id/72/p/253/pt/25/product.asp

    Otherwise, the C60 PWM controller is rated for both 12 V and 24 V systems and should work satisfactorily. However, it's not an MPPT controller, and your array is large enough (720 W STC) that your system would probably benefit from this feature, especially in the winter.

    Jim / crewzer
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