Same sun different charge rates

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Yesterday lithium batteries were 13 volts @ 9 am and solar mppt charger was putting in 17.6 amps.                                                                         Today same weather batteries were 13.3 volts @ 9 am but charger was only putting in   15.6 amps .Is this normal or has a bird done it's business on my panels?            


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    Higher voltage lower current, day to day temperature difference, different state of charge to mention a few possibilities, not something to be over concerned with, IMHO.
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    As mcgivor notes, within normal day-to-day variation. If worried about a bird bomb, by all means go look with a damp sponge. Could also be an errant leaf or twig. I'd also ignore it unless it was a persistent problem.
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    today  is cooler -probally the difference. thanks
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