what happens in the absorption stage if I ..........

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Hey everyone, I have a pretty simple Q but it has been bothering me for quite time.

In an off grid solar system where the solar array produces around 750w at max, I have a 24v system where the batteries reaches the absorption stage early in the day, if the batteries are in the absorption stage and I connect loads equal to or less to the current provided by the solar array will the battery remain at the absorption stage and charges at a lower rates or will it simply stop charging the battery and focuses solely in powering your loads ?

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    In the absorption stage the current will be high at first gradually dropping as full charge nears, the surplus can be used but it's best to do in the latter stages to ensure the batteries needs are satisfied. This takes a little time experimenting to understand what size loads can be used and when they can be applied, the amount of time in absorption could be extended as a compensation, if your controller allows, in float the loads could be close to what the array can provide, but care must be taken to not overextend the duration then pull from the batteries as the sun drops closer to the horizon. It really is a learning process applicable  to your particular system, so you are correct, just be careful not to overestimate the amount of use available. Additionally as seasons change so dose the available production, so it takes at least a year to fine tune.
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