Battery question... One 12v or two 6v

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Is there a rule of thumb as to which battery scenario is 'better': one 12v or two 6v in series? What are the pros/cons of each?

My use case is a small system to power a pond and a fountain.  The solar panel will be on top of a nearby storage shed and all the electrical components will be inside the shed. 

Thanks in advance!


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    One typical 12volt battery will be about 100 - 120 amp hours One typical 6 volt GC2 golf cart battery will be 210-240 amp hours. If you need 100 - 120 amp hours then the 12 volt battery is fine. If you need more  you shouldn't parallel 2 12 volt batteries when you can series 2 6 volt batteries. Many 12 volt batteries like the "deep cycle RV/marine" batteries aren't true deep cycle batteries. GC2, golf cart batteries or something like a Trojan T-105 are deep cycle batteries and will give you better daily cycling performance. 

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    Thanks for the info. I do need about 100 ah and was initially considering one 12v but this has made me reconsider.  Having 200+ah would allow me to throw some lighting onto the system as well and would be a good safety for even more cloudy days...not that we have too many of those here in PHX.
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    Just to clarify, you don't generally want to draw down a deep cycle lead acid battery below 50% state of charge for decent battery lifetime, so a pair of golf carts would give you ~100ah of usable capacity.
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  • lazykdanlazykdan Registered Users Posts: 3 clarify, if my math is correct, I actually only *need* 45ah which is how I got my 100ah sizing.  That said, 200 is still better than 100... 

    Thanks for the assistance!
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    When you double your battery capacity you need to double your absorb charging current. If you look at battery manufacturers websites they recommend a finish charge of three percent of battery capacity.  For a 100 AH bank that is three amps; for a 200 AH bank that is six amps. Is your panel capacity up to this requirement?
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