What could cause Gel Batteries to whine?

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Current system 2 260w 35V panels, Tracer 45 amp controller. 3 150AH gel batteries (2 years old) running a small off grid house 12 volts
Today my mother reports a whining noise coming from all 3 batteries, 1 bit noisier then others. Voltage was reading 14.1, sunny day, cloud just come in. Controller and all batteries not showing any heat (room temp to touch)
Instructed Mum to connect backup acid batteries to draw some of what I assumed was excess current. Made them bit quieter. Then she disconnected gel batteries and they made more noise.

Previously when was using a faulty controller voltage reached 15.3v which made the batteries make a similar noise

So doesn't seem to be over heating or over charging.
Should I be concerned?
Thanks in advance


  • mcgivormcgivor Posts: 2,164Solar Expert ✭✭✭✭✭
    It could be high frequency pulses, pulse width modulation used to reduce the charging when approaching full charge, is this only occurring late into the charge, or all the time?
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    Sounds like gassing/venting with >14.2 volts or so charging. Not a good for GEL (or AGM and other sealed) batteries (permanent loss of water from electrolyte and other issues).

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    I believe it was early afternoon so probably after bulk charging had finished.
    The batteries state that they need 14.4 for full charge.
    Mcgivor, wouldnt that pulse modulation be a noise that comes from the controller dealing with the excess?
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    If the noise is definitely from the batteries Bill's explanation could be a possibility, sometimes high frequency sounds are hard to pinpoint. 
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    It may be worth checking individual battery voltages at the battery posts. I assume the 14.1v reading was the controller?

    With 3 in parallel, there could be a balance issue developing?
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    Most PWM is inaudible, so I would suspect overcharge and popping the vents on the batteries, which is not a good thing,
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