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I have to calculate size of lightning arrestor for a solar array may be of 8 panels. Can anyone help me to calculate the height of the rod required. And radius, area of the protection zone. Please help me to calculate this factors, you can explain by taking any example.  Thankyou.. 


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    The  mast should be high enough that  45° line from the top to the ground covers the array, more importantly  surge protection devices (SPD) should be installed to protect the electronic components, if the distance between the array and inverter or charge controller is long the recommendation is to install them at both ends, because I know you are powering a pump, I would highly recommend SPD's on the AC side as well. SPD devices are available in both DC and AC, even an indirect strike can produce enough induced voltage to damage equipment.
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    is mast a type of conductor? Or we can use any insulator to support lightning arrestor?
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    What is a "lightning arrestor"? (defining terms here). A lightning rod to intercept the air strike (no insulator involved usually)... Or a surge suppressor to "short circuit" the lightning voltage spike in wiring to ground (usually a device with wiring, many times in a plastic case... Wires to hot circuits + ground wire to earth/metal water pipe/ground rod/etc.)?

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    A rod( Spike rod) to intercept the air strike 
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    The subject of lightning protection is extensive, there are many considerations, to gain some insight, I would suggest reading the links provided, they will answer many of the questions you may have, as well as some not considered.

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    Some people use a simple 45 degree angle from the tip of the rod downwards.  It's more complicated than this, but probably good enough.
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