Power from wood stove?

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OK, not a solar question, but is there any practical ways to get useful power (say 50+W) from a wood stove or other high temp heat source?  Peltier devices?  Micro steam turbine?


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    I get useful power by putting wood in it and burning it....lol.

    There are ways, but practical, not in my opinion.

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    I've seen air circulation fans that run off the heat from the stove, but I doubt they would be 50w
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    If you have an appropriate heat sink, you could gang up several peltier effect generators and get up to 50 Watts.

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    boil water steam turbine generator, buy the unit on e-bay for around $125.  Make a small boiler (oops, now you need a license in USA)

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    Be very careful with steam and boilers--Even just hot water loops in wood stoves have blown up (temperature and pressure relief valve in wrong location, valves in wrong locations, hot spots in fire box, etc.). Water heat exchangers can cause sooting/creosote buildup and cause a chimney fire or a masonry chimney to fail, etc.



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