Cooling fans and dust

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In the past, one aspect of my job, was the maintenance of about 150 Danfoss frequency drives which have cooling fans, they had external replaceable air filters. Some charge controllers and inverters which employ cooling fans run often, ingesting airborne dust and pollen etcetera, in the case of my inverter charger, the fans run almost constantly, tropical climate, within a few weeks there was a fine brown coat of dust in the intake grill. My solution was to use automotive air conditioning cabin filters over the intakes, was curious what other ideas may be employed, this dust can't be good for the electronics. 
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    As long as you realize the filters restrict the airflow a bit, and you need larger filters (2x ?) than your fan grills. Should help.
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    The CSW you have just coats everything. The XW takes a different approach and has a tunnel that has only heat sinks inside and no components. The tunnel runs vertically to convection cool if the fans died. That was the requirement to make it last 10 years in the deserts of ?. 
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