Building my frame for solar tracker

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Hey guys, first post here.

Ive got a home solar project that I am learning with, its a single panel, with battery, inverter that I use to power my home pc and some other small gadgets. Its been running for about two years and its doing well.

Ive bought a Ebay solar tracker motor and solar sensor, and Ive built a large frame out of aluminum to just have this sitting on the ground and not cemented. The issue I have, is how do I allow the solar panel to pivot? I mean, I have the lower frame built, and I can figure out how to wire in the solar tracker, but Im not sure what to use for the solar panel pivot mechanism.

What are you guys using? Anyone have any useful input? Maybe when I get home I can attach some photos.


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    Try gate hinges...That's what I am using.  These are the ones, and they can easily be welded to a steel plate that can screw into your aluminum frame.

    These specific hinges are probably overkill for your single panel application, however, I have 4ea 250 watt solar panels on my rack and since they are well balanced they move with just a finger.  I then installed a linear actuator with a tracker I got off Amazon to make them follow the sun.  My system is a prototype right now, because I'm not sure how it will react to the wind, but if it works we have about 30 more panels we can rack up to make us some power, we just dont want the wind to pick the whole thing up and throw it across the hill....
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    Here's a pic of the tracking arrays I build for my own system.  For the main post, I used a 3.5" steel pipe sunk 4' into concrete.  On top of this I slipped a 4" pipe, 4' long.  The array frame is made of welding unistruts, with re-enforcing trusses incorporated into all 3 axes.  The trusses are either 7/8 unistruts, or rebar, with the rebar passing through the unistruts.

    They can be rotated either left to right to track the daily sun, and tilled up and down for seasonal tracking.  It's not motorized though.  I refer to it as hillbilly tracking.

    15 Renogy 300w panels,  Midnight 200 CC, 8 Trojan L16 batteries, Schneider XW6848 NA inverter, AC-Delco 6000w gen.
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    Here's what the finished frames look like with the Renogy panels.

    15 Renogy 300w panels,  Midnight 200 CC, 8 Trojan L16 batteries, Schneider XW6848 NA inverter, AC-Delco 6000w gen.
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    Nice Build!
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