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  • Re: SW4024 power Issues

    Definitely batteries so thanks for all the input. Isolated batteries with only frig load and this morning the Morningstar controller was LVD, low voltage disconnect, same as the 21st and voltage was … (View Post)
  • Re: Conext SW4024 Fan

    That may be an idea, I have a couple of fans from and old Trace inverter that I salvaged. I could set those up externally with some type of temp switch. That might help the SW fans on hot days. (View Post)
  • Re: What are the best batteries for the money?

    When we bought our place the sysytem was in place so I embarked on a learing curve. My battery experience: Golf cart 6 volt FLAs that the owner had wedged into an interior closet. Luckily, in hindsig… (View Post)
  • Re: AGM battery charging

    I misspoke, the 28 volts is the max, it does not constantly stay at that depending on power usage during the day. Lifeline AGMs do handle higher voltages than other AGMs, you can even equalize/condit… (View Post)
  • AGM battery charging

    Conext SW4024, solar array, 4 X 6volt 400ah Lifeline AGMs, Morningstar PS30 PWM solar controller.With the SW4024 it goes to pass through at 26.5 volts, uses no battery power. During the day the array… (View Post)