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Howdy, Just an update, for those looking to maintain a 12 volt backup system from a main 24 volt system. On my semi-remote system in western Washington, I wanted to maintain a separate 12 volt system to maintain CCTV, cellphone communications and alarm functions, if/when my main 24 volt system failed.  After getting a number of positive suggestions from the forum, I contacted the people at Morningstar to confirm that a SunSaver MPPT 15 would fit the bill. They said that it would work without problem. I installed the SunSaver MPPT 15 with it's solar input connected to my 24 volt batteries. The SunSaver MPPT 15's output went to my 150 amp 12 volt battery. I'm happy to state that the setup has worked flawlessly for the past 3 years, as an efficient way to maintain that 12 volt backup battery. After a year, I got fancy and added a relay between the 24 volt input and the SunSaver MPPT 15. The relay is controlled from the Midnite Classic so we only charge the 12 volt system, when the Classic is in Float. And for my application, this has worked perfect.    


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