Calif. Rebate steps adjustment timing?

Hi Group, as of today April 3, 2010 on the CSI Trigger tracker website.

The MW remaining under PG&E Residential EPBB are 8.31 and the MW under review are 7.88

Earlier in the day yesterday April 2, 2010 it read 8.22 MW remaining and 7.65 under review.

PG&E told me that I need to subtract the MW under review from the MW remaining to determin what is left in this step. But they did say I should contact the CSI to verify this. Well they usually take a few days to get back to you.

My questions are,

The MW remaining have actually gone up. and the difference between MW under review and remaining have gone down. Does anyone know how this works?

And If I'm still signing contracts over the weekend while they show there to be reamining MW's will they fall under the current step or might they get bumped to the next step?

Thanks, Ken


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    Re: Calif. Rebate steps adjustment timing?

    If the rebates are important to you--The contract should be made conditional on getting pre-approved for the "step" you have budgeted for.

    Years ago when I installed my system (somewhat different program)--I received a letter that reserved my rebate check--and the installer held off on the install until the letter arrived (back then, we would/could sign over the rebate to the installer as part of the payment).

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    Re: Calif. Rebate steps adjustment timing?

    You can still sign over the rebate.

    Some installations are under review, but cancel. Perhaps they don't account for these as they happen and there was some big accounting that caused the MW under review to go down noticeably.

    The rebate amount is not precisely known until the utility gives you the reservation. If you are on the border of a reduction in the rebate amount you should be clear on what will happen if the rebate is much different than you expect.
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