I have heard good things about the swea grid ties like at [advertising/linking not allowed]

anybody had any experience with them? Good or Bad?


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    Re: Swea

    I don't believe their plug and play inverters are legal in the US. They lack listing by UL or any other recognized testing agency. Can't speak for the European wind inverters.

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    Re: Swea

    Click on this Google Search for various threads where we have discussed SWEA.

    As Tony said, last time we looked, there appeared to be no UL/NRTL listing marks for these inverters...

    At the vary least, they are not legal to connect in the US/Canada to the electrical grid, the Utility could turn off your power if they find out (meter spinning backwards), if there is a fire your insurance may not pay, etc...

    Obviously, the chances of getting caught are low--but so is the dollar value of the power generated--so why take the risk.

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