SMA Sunny Island 4248 vs 5048

Hi All,

Is there any functional difference between the SI 4248u and 5048u, specifically as it relates to AC Coupling for battery backup?

I understand that there is a 4200 vs 5000 watt output difference, but are they the same otherwise?



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    Re: SMA Sunny Island 4248 vs 5048

    There are some important differences. The 4248 is a much older system and doesn't offer the same features as the 5048 - I believe it will be (if it isn't already) discontinued in Europe.

    The 4248 does not provide generator assist (or whatever it's called), but the 5048 does. This is where the inverter can add it's own output to that of the generator. I.e. if you had a 3kW generator and a 5048 then you could power an 8kW load when the generator is on. This can all be done automatically through a load assist setting.

    I _think_ that the 4248 does not support storing the config on an MMC memory card, whereas the 5048 does, so if you want to troubleshoot a 5048 installation you can easily upload the config to the SMA engineers for them to debug a problem.

    I'd strongly recommend going for the 5048 as it's newer and the gen assist alone would be very useful for most people. Don't think the price difference warrants going for the older 4248.
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