Diagnostics for VFX 3048 E

I bought a faulty VFX3048E off ebay, was listed as faulty powers up red error light and battery LED works depending on what I set my DC power supply it reads, low ,ok, full. No AC output . Think the unit has been a slave unit in a telecomms set up, as the jumper wire is missing

On power up the error led lights up and a part from a breif single flash from the inverter light nothing else. With or without the jumper wire

A. Would attaching a mate help in any way for diagnostics
B. If not apart from visual inspection is there any specific tests that can be carried out to establish if its the Fet Board, AC Board or Computer board ?
C. Of is it just swap out one at a time!

Must be some sort of logical procedure. :confused:

Thanks in advance Nigel


  • blackswan555blackswan555 Solar Expert Posts: 246 ✭✭
    Re: Diagnostics for VFX 3048 E

    You need to plug a mate in,
    If it`s been a slave, it may still be assigned as such, not giving any output "thinking" it is waiting for master to tell it to work, get a mate, do a reset to defaults and see where you go from there,

    Have a good one

    ps I know of a 48v FET board if you need one,
  • nigtomdawnigtomdaw Solar Expert Posts: 705 ✭✭
    Re: Diagnostics for VFX 3048 E

    kk bs
    will do that any more suggestions
  • nigtomdawnigtomdaw Solar Expert Posts: 705 ✭✭
    Re: Diagnostics for VFX 3048 E

    Top Marks Tim, I split the VFX because the fan grill was damaged (pushed in and the fan was catching slightly . The Mate showed a stacking error which idicates it was a slave, and on reset the VFX powered up showing inverting no more faults on the Mate but the error led light was still showing. The fan casing was smashed and the fan wouldnt run anymore. I replaced the fan with a new unit (Replacement Fan in stock but no Mates till today :blush: ) This then cleared the error light LED.

    No exspensive FET,AC or controller board to replace, :D but I would still like to know if there is a rountine or system to identify problem boards ?
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