Help with my generator needed.



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    Re: Help with my generator needed.
    mike90045 wrote: »
    Remember now, it's NOT Global Warming, it's now Climate Change, and carbon taxes.

    (as if a tax helps anything)

    sorry to burst your bubble mike, but i didn't lay any such claims in this thread for you to stir controversy with me over.
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    Re: Help with my generator needed.

    Here in İzmir the average min temp for Feb was 7 deg F above normal and the max was 3 deg above. Europe got the cold while we had more influence from the Med and North Africa

    Funny weather all around.
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    Re: Help with my generator needed.

    Let's leave the climate change debate to other venues. I have seen the argument tail spin out of control in a matter of minutes once we start. Let's just agree not to have that conversation here! No matter what side you come down or, or what you know or what you believe, it is a political hot potato and that is a no-no here... Let's keep it that way, as all it is going to do is p*ss all of us off, but for different reasons.


    note from niel. thanks tony but i had to keep it clean too.
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    Re: Help with my generator needed.

    Well, geez....

    ... now that Tony has challenged us to discuss climate change in Niel's generator thread.

    We've had more rain this year than any other I can remember! And we've lived here since the sixties. Can that be global warming? Or El Nino?

    Niel... get that generator running yet?!?!?

    Phil :p
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    Re: Help with my generator needed.

    tony did not wish to discuss climate change and i had mentioned about my weather as it was the root cause of my needing my generator to run. had you read the thread or even skimmed it you'd have picked up that the genny is running and that mike tried to stir some controversy here and not tony. now i see your line of questioning is also taking the thread beyond where i intended it to go as i never got into the cause of the weather and i draw the line here. i will take action on the next attempt to take the thread farther than i intended. just let it be known that whatever the cause of the bad weather is is irrelevant to me as far as this thread is concerned.
    this may sound harsh, but i placed this in a thread category and allowing the speculation of the causes of the weather would warrant the thread be moved from where i placed it.
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    Re: Help with my generator needed.

    sorry niel,

    I guess my tongue wasn't far enough into my cheek. I've followed the thread from the beginning.

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    Re: Help with my generator needed.

    I've been following this thread from the start too, and it's been one of the most interesting ones over the years. Glad so many people could help one of the moderators for a change...or at least think we could.

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    Re: Help with my generator needed.

    thank you ralph and of course everybody else that helped and everybody did help. i was in a bad circumstance and it could've been worse if my power hadn't come on when it did. i still needed to get that thing running because of the storms that were to follow. somehow i knew i would not lose power again after the generator would run.:roll: all of you took me through the stages i needed to go through that helped to bring about the steps i needed to get it running. i will especially thank westbranch for making me realize i had a dry plug and for mentioning the seafoam which prompted me to even go to the auto parts store in the first place where i asked there too about my circumstance with pretty much the same answer. they did go into more detail of what worked for them in utilizing the seafoam (plus the ether to prime it) which i promptly shared with everybody. all here were doing their best to get to the root of the problem. westbranch was nailing it.
    that seafoam is a bit pricey (i pay $6 though other places charge even more), but i have found it saving me some $ and my butt twice. i sound like a commercial, but it is true. the first was when my fuel pump (on previous car and i think i mentioned about it on the forum in the past too) sucked up some dirt and air being close to empty on gas. remember, it is hilly here and so it did this most likely only in brief in going to the gas station. the symptom was it started making noise from the tank area prior to getting more gas and even though more gas was now in there it continued. when i saw the mechanic, the mechanic said to try the seafoam or pay me for a new fuel pump when i can make an appointment for you to do it. i was amazed then as to it working just as i was amazed it helped in getting the genny to work.
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