how to read electric bill

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My power co. doesn,t have updated software to display grid connected info on thier online billing ,so told me I would need to go to the us mail billing if I needed the info. I just got grid connected 12,23 just a few days before the meter reading. Received credit for 14 KW. Received the first paper billing yesterday for full month of bieing Grid connected. Only received credit for 15 kw. I put in my personal meter so I can keep a record of my output to power co. meter. I figure I generated a little over 200 kw for the month. This was an estimated bill. What could be the reasons why I only got credit for 15kw? Do you think the power co. doesn,t have enough history to estimate my imput? Or could it be that I don,t understand how the meter works. I have an outside power pole for a mobilehome with the meter mounted on a 100 amp service entrance box. I connected to 2 breakers in that box instead of going into the service box inside my home. Power co aproved that setup and installed a bi directional meter that has 2 readings. 1st reading is total received from power co. 2nd reading is what I put into the power co. They told me that 2nd reading would be subtracted from 1st meter reading and that would be the amount of kw I would be billed. This is where I am confused a little. When I am generating is the total amount generated registered on the meter or is just the amount above what I am using? S:confused:larvic


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    Re: how to read electric bill

    Your missing the part that energy used on your property can use all of the RE generated and not show export to the grid, it will just slow down the amount bought.

    You would only "sell" if there is an excess generation compared what is being consumed by your home. And yes, they do subtract the "sell" from the "bought" totals for your bill, but likely your using most the energy onsite
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    Re: how to read electric bill

    Also, remember that this is the dead of winter--so you system generation may be only 1/2 or so of the summer months. Most systems are designed to generate less power than you use in winter and make up for it by over producing in the summer (1 year net metering--after one year, we pay the negative balance, or the positive balance is set to zero).

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    Solar Guppy I think you might have given me a little more understanding about what is registered on meter. On my estimated bill they have close to the same amount of kw used for January 2009 as What I used Jan 2008. In my estimation the amount received from power co should reflect about 200 kw less than Jan 08 I am thinking that maybe they don,t have enough history to estimate my bill correctly. If that is so then maybe next month the bill will show a more accurate bill if the meter is read. I did my laundry and run the dishwasher on days the Re was cooking. I will have more of a need for a lower electric bill next month anyway. S8)larvic
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