Does this section apply to EGC's for solar panel frame grounding in ground mount and carport structure applications? I think it is a question of code interpretation whether the ground conductor is physically protected from physical damage. There are even those Tyco Solklips that can only accept a #10-12 ground anyway so having to use a #6 would not even make sense. Any thoughts, inputs, suggestions?


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    Re: 250.120(C)

    My quicky answer is: "I would say, YES - it applies."

    A 30 second Googling reveals that Miller Power agrees with me:


    (3rd pic from the top in the right hand column)
    (I dig that whole page BTW, props to Miller Power)

    I see that you posted this same Q to Mike Holt's forum and got the same A there:

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    Re: 250.120(C)

    Generally for a carport structure I would have the ground wire running between modules in a position so that they are not subject to physical damage. I would transition from outdoor wire in a junction box and from there the ground would be enclosed in conduit.

    If you were running the exposed conductors down to an accessible area, 250.120(C) would have you using armored cable for the ground or some other protective conduit or sleeve - removing the sheath up in the inaccessible areas. But, I wouldn't want the outdoor conductors in accessible areas outside of conduit anyway.
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    Re: 250.120(C)

    although i agree with the protecting of the ground wire, it boggles my head when i see power poles with a shabby wood enclosure tacked around the wire to the pole with most of them having nothing more than bare wire traversing the pole. i have seen many of them broken. utilities get away with so much.:cry:
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