Grundfos sqflex 3 sqf 2

I bought a GRUNDFOS SQFLEX 3 SQF 2 two years ago. Last week it stopped pumping water and started giving me a reading of 100 watts in the CU200. We got it out and power gets all the way down. Tested it outside in a swimming pool to no avail. The motor seems to be working; it sounds, but it does not pump. It had been working fine all this time. I ran it with solar panels and during the last 7 months on 110 off the inverter.

Questions please:

1. Any idea what could be?

2. What is the standard warranty? I bought it on 7/08.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Much obliged.


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    Re: Grundfos sqflex 3 sqf 2

    I assume you checked to make sure the intake screen and outflow port/line were not clogged up, kinked, or blocked?