Parts for Flowlight booster pump

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I installed a Dankoff Flowlight booster pump (2910-12) back in 2003 and it has run trouble-free since then. Unfortunately, I think that an unfortunate combination of events at last startup (it's in a vacation cabin at around 10,000 feet) lead to some damage to the pump head. Now that Conergy is no longer producing this pump, does anyone know of a source for parts and/or rebuilding the pump head?



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    Re: Parts for Flowlight booster pump

    We just got word late Friday from Conergy of the company taking over the Dankoff pumps. Will probably be a week or two before we actually have any pricing or availability.
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    Re: Parts for Flowlight booster pump

    Thanks, that's great news! I did track down the manufacturer of the pump head (Procon) and I will also contact them regarding rebuilding.