help- 400 watt grid tie in from ebay 689$

400 watt grid tie in from ebay 689$

I am new to this. Can someone comment on if thiss ral to hook up an inverter by plugging it into your AC home outlet?

What is a Micro Grid-Tie Inverter?
400 Watt Grid Tie Inverter 12V 100 W Solar Panel System

Ever since we invented the first generation of the Micro Grid Tie Inverters, connecting to the grid has never been this easy and affordable. All that has to be done is connect your DC Sources (Solar Panels or Wind Turbine) to the inverter, and use the included cable (North American standard) to connect to any home AC electrical outlet, and you are feeding/selling green energy back into the grid at a premium rate (subject to local policies). This is the perfect start up solution for anyone interested in green energy generation as it is affordable and maintenance free


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    Re: help- 400 watt grid tie in from ebay 689$

    that might be deemed a small gt inverter capable of being inputted from a low voltage pv or several smaller pvs directly and without batteries being required.

    as to them inventing it, don't be so sure. maybe some of those on this forum that have developed inverters can elaborate a bit on credits due.

    see how this compares to what you see on ebay,
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    Re: help- 400 watt grid tie in from ebay 689$

    Nothing in the documentation on UL listing ... or any listing for that matter, most likely not legal in the US or EU