Battery charger suggestion.

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Since Xantrex has stopped production of the TC series of chargers, what would folks recommend for a charger for a single 12v ~100ah deepcycle truck camper battery?

It will be powered by gird power, and ideally be on all the time the camper is "in port".

I suggested to these friends that they get a Xantrex TC 10. It seems that the current version starts at 20 amps.

Once again thanks for the help in advance.



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    Re: Battery charger suggestion.

    Tony the TrueCharge 2 series starts at the 20 amp model, but if the remote control is purchased with it, then it can then scale the charger output back in 10% increments. The remote was meant to be available mid 2009.

    The new X Truecharge 2 units offer PFC charging, Temp Compensation and a wide input power range between 85 and 260 volts AC 50-60 Hz. So could be used with a generator when out of shore dock.

    The TC10 is still available if our host doesnt have them I can let u know of some one in US who does.

    Nigel Sunny Spain
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    Re: Battery charger suggestion.
    It seems that the current version starts at 20 amps.
    Tony, I have been happy the the IOTA 15 amp charger in my little trailer. It has worked fine for 10 years now.
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    Re: Battery charger suggestion.

    Mike, Thanks,

    The IOTA was going to be my next choice. I think I will write to NAWS and see what the story with Xantrex is. They have them listed on the web site as a supplier, but with non on the web pages.

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