Correct AH setting on XW Inverter

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Ok first question is How Many AH should I set my battery bank to on my XW inverter?

I have 12 rolls s530 batteries wires series parallel into 3 sets at 24 volts
The 20 hr rate is 400 ah
the 100 hr rate is 530 for each bank

so what do i set my inverter to the 20 hr rate or 100 hr rate

20 hr rate cummulative is 1200 ah
100 hr is 1590

Xantrex told me set it to 1590
Rolls tech says 1200 but then said wasn't 100%

What do you guys think it should be set to?

I appreciate it.

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    Re: Correct AH setting on XW Inverter

    If you mean the one that sets the max recharge rate, then use the 20 hour rate. It is not that critical.
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    Re: Correct AH setting on XW Inverter

    1200 / 10% / 3.5 = 34.3 amps AC

    This is the maximum charge amps that you should set the XW to.
    Unless you have very big generator your probably fine. Remember you can and should charge at a lower rate if you want more than 10 years on this battery! Just because Surrette says this is fine remember they are in the business of selling batteries. Batteries like the slow charge of a solar day and their life will be shortend by fast generator charges. Good Luck!
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