Used Jacobs 10kw - Should I buy it? (MFCD)

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I just found a used 10kw Jacobs including 100' lattice tower that has been taken down. Unit has been refurbished (Power electronics testing, new capacitors; refinished blades) and includes bolt kit, templates, and anchor bolts for re-installation

What would a price be for this unit that I would be insane not to buy it at? Okay, or a reasonable price too. :D
(It is 12 hours away so will require a bit of logistic shuffling and planning.)



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    Re: Used Jacobs 10kw - Should I buy it? (MFCD)

    I am just imagining a few people here with a compass and a map drawing a 12 hour driving radius trying to figure out where it is. ;):D

    You have a good site (space, wind) to install it?

    The usual prices for anything that works and has good life in it seems to range from 10% to 50% of "list price".

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: Used Jacobs 10kw - Should I buy it? (MFCD)

    What ever the seller is asking ... there is nothing better quality wise and to have it refurbished with a proper tower is a once in a life time find. Its the gold standard for wind
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    Re: Used Jacobs 10kw - Should I buy it? (MFCD)

    Yes, I had that feeling. :-) (Re: compass and map)
    I live in Ohio Farm Country on lots of flat land as far as the eye can see about 15 miles from the southwest corner of Lake Erie. Wind maps show 12 meters per second yearly avg wind here.
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    Re: Used Jacobs 10kw - Should I buy it? (MFCD)

    Is this one of the original's from the 30's, or one of the new ones manufactured under the Jacobs name recently?

    Ok.. NM, I see from the pictures it is one of the new ones. As far as price goes, really hard to tell, depends a lot on condition and if the electronics for the grid tie are in working order (as I recall, a new controller/intertie costs around $7K).

    Before we became a "real company", in the mid 70's my brother started out by refurbishing some of the old Jacobs.
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    Re: Used Jacobs 10kw - Should I buy it? (MFCD)

    Since you brought up the controller/intertie .... I am assuming the included one is their older UL508 model and not the new "Nexus" UL 1741 compliant one. So I would likely have to buy this new approx. $7k one to interconnect to the grid. (As the old one is not up to current code and would likely end up being considered just a boat anchor -- or sold to someone else who is already connected using theirs for a replacement/spare.) Right?

    I decided not to buy the unit.
    I'll likely end up getting a smaller 2.5-3kw Kestrel or ARE.
    If anyone is interested, you should be able to find it if you Google (used towers and jacobs).

    FYI. When I did my checking, the current Jacobs manufacturer quoted replacing the pitch rotor assembly shaft on this unit (which is broken) for $300-$500 depending on the type needed.
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    Re: Used Jacobs 10kw - Should I buy it? (MFCD)

    I have been told by people who should know from experience that the 10kw model had some underengineered components that don't hold up, but that this isn't a problem with the current 20kw machine. I passed on a 10kw with 80' tower for $3000, I figured it was only worth what the tower was worth to me.
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