Wind power in Scottsdale

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I was told by my solar installer that Scottsdale will not allow permits for wind power in residential? Is this true? If not who is a good company to talk to?


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    Re: Wind power in Scottsdale

    Even if they do, there is not enough wind there to do any good.
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    Re: Wind power in Scottsdale

    And you need relatively large lots to keep the "annoying" turbines away from neighbor's homes (high towers, noise, flickering shadows from blades, flying parts/falling towers, etc.).

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    Re: Wind power in Scottsdale

    The answer from your dealer wash better if he checked if it makes any financial sens to install a wind generator and yes the sound and shadow flickering is a problem if your ground is not big. Flying parts is a problem i found parts from my first whisper 100 blades +/- 300 M away and a half blade still missing.:-)
    But my big problem is lightning strikes this year 5 times.:grr
    Plus yes you really need to have a site where the wind is so strong that trees are bending ( or your tower :blush: also my problem).
    P.s. i have weeks that my wind generator is providing 100% from my needs.

    Greetings from Greece8)
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    Re: Wind power in Scottsdale

    There isn't enough wind in Scottsdale to make it pay off. The restriction may be related to tower height. And because you need a tall tower to get above rooftops and trees, there's the rub. You're in the perfect spot for solar. Spend the money on solar. Believe me, you'll be much happier.
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