AC in to Inverter/charger?

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How should I have my electrician provide the AC input to the inverter/charger? Should he run wires from a breaker in the main panel to the inverter, or can he just tie into the AC from the nearest outlet box with a 15a breaker in a small box in-between? I have an outlet just feet from the inverter, but running wires from the main panel will be mucho $$$$.



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    Re: AC in to Inverter/charger?

    Hi, some inver/chargers (at least mine) have a knock out hole for power in/out, this means you can have a s.o. cord, if your outlet is within 6 ft. you can just roll it to hang close to the inverter/ charger, there is no chance that you'll have feed back voltage (120vac), the size of a conductor and breaker should be acording to the ampacity draw as per inver/charger specifications make sure is 20 A max. for 120v. circuit and no less than #12 awg, make sure you do not ground the chasis but on ground terminal block.

    good luck.8)
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