Carbon emmissions drop?

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here is a link I got today...not sure if they are being a bit premature in their belief...

a good read anyway,
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    Re: Carbon emmissions drop?

    Trying to put a nice spin on things... For example the $0.75 per gallon equivalent of electric car fuel costs is without road taxes. In the US, that would almost double the $0.75 per gallon price--In Europe, that would, at best, save only a $1 or $2 per gallon in the pump price (the rest is pretty much all government taxes). Don't know if that includes the cost of battery replacement (typically, not cheap).

    Mass transit is not always the more efficient way to move people. The City of San Jose CA light rail system uses more energy per mile than the average single passenger car.

    Mass transit only makes sense for dense urban areas--it is not always the best solution for typical US population patterns.

    I would guess that much of US carbon emissions decline is the decline in the economy and exporting of heavy industries/manufacturing. Some states (such as California) with high energy costs/taxes/"incentives" are more efficient in the use of energy--but, that also is a factor in jobs leaving the state (Will California be the first failed state).

    Then there is the whole issue of CO2 emissions and global temperatures (I, personally, am not a believer in AGW). But that is probably for another thread (or a political forum).

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