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    Re: MPPT comparison

    Just to be clear--I have not used any of the off grid chargers--My opinion is based on specs. and user reports.

    More or less--I try to point people to the information (and what to look for / ask about) and then make their own decisions.

    There are certainly many brands out there to stay well away from.

    Outback has a long history of supporting the Solar RE market well. But, from what I have read here--there current FM family offering seems to have some issues (that I have not heard have been addressed/fixed yet).

    I have a Xantrex GT 3.0 (older 3kW Grid Tied inverter)--that just works (no maintenance, no issues, no playing with buttons or configuration)--it is boring. "Boring" is high praise for equipment that you want to work for the next 10-20 years. Would I have like wireless Internet on the unit--yea. :roll:

    Ask the questions here (and/or on the Outback Forum) and see what others have to say.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: MPPT comparison

    Yes in todays market hands down the XW60 wins my vote over the FM series they both are flawed and i feel they tried to change a few things about boB's original design and dropped the ball big time.
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    Re: MPPT comparison
    Wow, never thought I would see the day the creator of the MX60 make this recommendation :blush:
    .... etc. ....

    The Flexmax 60/80, while based on boB's hard work, is in no way an improvement.

    Right. The Flexmax is based on the MX60 hardware, but is not my improvement.

    boB :D
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    Re: MPPT comparison

    i think they would've been wise to keep the mx60 in production or bring it back, at least for now. that was a standard that boB had created.
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    Re: MPPT comparison

    Sorry if I wasn't clear boB, I should have written the changes to the Flexmax had no input from you and were only added after your departure from Outback.

    We both know what it like when others take your work and make changes!
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    Re: MPPT comparison

    [quote=Solar Guppy;37740

    We both know what it like when others take your work and make changes![/quote]

    Yep. I know that the XW60 had changes after you too. :D

    Only some of our brains have been left behind. I'l just have to keep on with what brains (and time) I have left.

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