Will a pv system save me $ on utility bills or not



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    Re: Will a pv system save me $ on utility bills or not
    And the payback is based on 11 c / KWhr electricity cost. Too bad, you can not change that. You can "adjust" the result by 29yrs * 11 c / 20 c = 16 yrs (assuming yours elect. rate is 20 c /KWhr)

    It must have a table of electricity rates and pick based on your location - it used 8 cents / kWh for me, which is pretty close (that's the "base" rate, factor in the fees and other junk it's more like 9.2 cents or so).

    That's a pretty cute site - I liked the "draw your array" part - and it was accurate, to boot. Shaded the area my array sits in and it was almost exactly the wattage I have. Can't say just how accurate the power calcs are, my system is off-grid battery and they are calculating grid-tie. Seems like it ought to be pretty good though.

    Hm, I've been thinking about adding some on the west face of my roof. That might be a good place to start seeing what my results would be. (My south-facing roof area is quite small - about 1kW max panel area. West facing area is 5-6 times larger.)
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    Re: Will a pv system save me $ on utility bills or not
    Do you really mean 0.2 cents i.e. less than a penny ? Or you mean $0.20 i.e. 20 cents / KWhr.
    At 0.2 cents / KWhr, I don't think PV can beat this.

    sorry I did not mean one fifth of a cent. I meant $0.20/kwh or TWENTY CENTS/kwh is my charge here in NJ.

    also, the IMBY program is using $0.12 /kwh as a basis for the 29 year payback time in my nj residence.
    I don't know where it gets this # from, cuz electric here is $0.12 + $0.08 (electric + delivery) so its really $0.20 NOT $0.12

    my friends on the other side of the ny/nj border are paying $0.16 /kwh.
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