Which battery charger and size

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Buddy of mine has one of the Absolyte battery sets we got a few weeks ago, and only has a very small 12v PV system currently ( has plans to expand down the road after some more critical projects get done around the place )....the battery set is a 12v, 2400amp/hr setup, and he needs a grid tied ( has grid his place )charger to keep the battery maintained until such time as he gets his PV system "up to snuff", and also wants a charger that will work well with a small generator ( Honda, 3kw ).

I bought the Ioata DLS-27-40/IQ4 to do my 24v, 1200amp/hr setup.

Would the Xantrex ( thinking True Charge 2 ) be a "better" unit for combination grid/generator power than the Ioata ? Is the Xantrex unit more controlable with the external switches versus the IQ4 on the Ioata ?

What is the minimum size charger he could get by with, assuming trickle charging from the grid now for maintenance is the goal, and occasional generator charging down the road is what the charger would see ( PV array vastly expanded )

Any feedback appreciated....he needs to get on the stick about ordering one.....


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    Re: Which battery charger and size

    At least from NAWS--the TC 2 family is still not shipping (running late?).

    The TC 2 family looks like a killer product line (if similar to the TC 1). I really like the Power Factor Correction for use on gensets.

    He might also look at the Xantrex (and others) that include an Grid and Generator input, internal transfer switch, and internal battery charger for a single device that addresses multiple functions.

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    Re: Which battery charger and size

    I love the TC series chargers. I have used both the TC20 and 40 with great results. The TC 20 runs on a Eu 1000 honda at idle and puts out the full 20 amps. (The 40 won't quite run on the Eu 1000 however).

    Assuming that the next generation of TC series is as good as the older version I would have no problem using them, but get the battery temperature sensor.

    I have a neighbour who uses an IOTA and is quite happy as well.

    What I don't know is if the new series is available in a 20 amp model, or if the 40 amp model will run on such a small generator. The PF of the original TC series was somewhere in the .65 range .66 for the 40, .68 for the 20)

    PS http://www.xantrex.com/web/id/256/p/1/pt/7/product.asp

    It looks like the TC2 is available in both 20 and 40 amp versions, both PF corrected, which would indicate the 40 would run on a Eu 1000.

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    Re: Which battery charger and size

    the trickle charge will be about 1% to 2% of the battery ah. regulated of course.
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