Repacing magnets at whisper 100 / 200

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I received the following private message.

-You mentioned that you applied some teflon spray inside the head to prevent rust. How much of an issue was it to replace the can after? I was playing around with my dead 100, and can not seem to line it back up. -

My solution is simple and not my idea :blush:
Maybe it is a solution for as well other brand's.

I use alignment screws , there nothing special use screws 150 % the length from the magnet housing 3 Pcs. whiteout head.
You screw them in the fixing position no force on them.
Then you slide the rotor can over the alignment screws carefully because the magnetic force is strong and the magnets and your fingers are soft.
Then one by one you remove the alignment screws and replacing for the fixing screws.

If some body has a better solution let as know but until today it works for me.

Thanks from Greece


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    Re: Repacing magnets at whisper 100 / 200

    Great idea, and along the same train of thought I had. I doubt that it can be done anyother way due to the pull from the magnets, but you never know what great ideas people come up with out of trial and error :)

    I was finding it a little hard to locate other Whisper owners to share trials, troubles and ideas with till now. Happy to have found a site that has a few owners to turn to for ideas and trouble shooting.
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