Data Logging software for SMA?

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At this time I'm using Sunnydata 1.81 & Webbridge 37C to log my SMA 2500 and 3800 data on a laptop with windows XP using an RS485 to RS 232 adapter .
Does anyone know if there is any other (free) software available that will work better with this combination.
The software seems to lockup and lose data occasionally, and restarting everything is required.
I can't seem to get the daily, & monthly graphs to record with the Webbridge software.


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    Re: Data Logging software for SMA?
    LucMan wrote: »
    I can't seem to get the daily, & monthly graphs to record with the Webbridge software.

    I haven't used either software myself, but I do have oh, about a dozen years experience as an IT consultant so...

    Normally, data is logged periodically to somewhere - a file or database - and then the software reads the logs and builds the reports in whatever format.

    Apparently, WebBridge is based on Excel, and some VB code.

    If you open the WebBridge Excel workbook directly with Excel, it should be possible to use Excel's builtin graph generator to build your graphs. At the very least, you should be able to verify that the data is being logged.


    WebBridge might do something like log to a .csv file, which would then need to be imported into Excel before the graphs can be built. In that case, some of WeBridge's VB code would probably do the import. If this is so, and that import is failing, then you might have to find the .csv file and import it into the WebBridge workbook manually. After that, the WebBridge VB code might build the graphs properly.

    I see on the WebBridge site that there is a separate tool called ChartBuilder - have you tried that?
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    Re: Data Logging software for SMA?

    I have a similar , but totally unrelated problem with my Palm Vx and data logger program... the program grabs data from an XBM Battery Monitor.

    What I have deduced is that the data is 'logged' on the set time interval... but I am using the Vx in the winter with an older battery and it doesn't like the cold, and once the Vx battery drops off beyond 40% charge (using BAT MON) it gives me a FATAL ERROR message & locks up.... thus needing a Cold System Reset, and losing the data. this caused me no end of frustration ....

    The similarity I am thinking about is: I have found that the program is supposed to constantly write to a .CSV file, EXCEPT that it really doesn't write to the CSV file until you open up the CSV reader program! Once read, the data is truly SAVED and can be viewed even after a COLD RESET.
    THUS the DATA LOG is held in some kind of 'RAM' that is cleared upon RESET.

    Just a thought that you might try taking a few readings and see if they are saved and can be reviewed after your crash and burn problem occurs..

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    Re: Data Logging software for SMA?

    In the really old days of computers :cry: --we would close the file and reopen to force a write to disk (back then, it was probably writes to diskette) and clear the cache/buffers.

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    Re: Data Logging software for SMA?

    Thanks for the replies.
    Now I have some ideas on how to attempt to remedy the problem.
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    Re: Data Logging software for SMA?

    SMA have published a software library to monitor all their inverters, the code can be downloaded from the site, it's called YASDI. Works on Windows, Mac, Linux. There is even a Java wrapper available if that's your preference:

    Programming required :D
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