different size panels

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Just getting going again with 4 Sharp 165s I might add 4 205 s
to the 48v system. Will they diminish their potential adverging out with the 165s?
The 4 165s ,2 seried, two sets parellel, with the 205s wired the same way. Apollo to 16 6v Golf batts 8 series in parellel with the other 8. Batteries need to be replaced as they are 6 1/2 yrs old and struggling. Minimal loads at this time but need to grow. Thanx,,,


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    Re: different size panels

    As long as the Vmp of all your strings add up (close) to the same number (i.e., Vmp=62.x volts or some similar value)--then paralleling the different brands/wattage panels strings together will work just fine.

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