Should I use multiple systems?

We have a home in the middle of the desert and temperatures in the summer get to 125 degrees F. We currently have a solar system setup that powers basic stuff like lights at night, maybe 3hrs of LCD TV a day and a water pump. I would like to also power a deep submersible pump that is a 240v and a central AC unit for 3 to 4 months of the year. Should I beef up my solar components or maybe just rely on a generator for the AC and submersible pump??
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    Re: Should I use multiple systems?

    that's one i think only you can answer as there are too many variables on what you may like or afford. the genny means loud noises and the keeping of it in fuel. on the other hand the high numbers of pvs for a/c (consider a swamp cooler) would be a large expense that would be somewhat wasted in the other non-summer months.
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    Re: Should I use multiple systems?

    I think the answer is clearer if you have done everything you can for conservation,, particularly for reduced ac use. Extra insulation,, awings, plantings, roof colors, evap coolers etc. AC is VERY energy intensive. There are ways to make it more efficient, including ground water or earth source heat pumps, hot water recapture which not only gives you hot water, but gives the added benefit of making the ac system have to work less hard.

    Other ideas to look at are Arabian wind towers,, which use a tiny amount of water to dramatically cool the structure. (there is a pretty long thread somewhere on this site about wind towers, if not do a google search) Interestingly enough, there are some very simple, ancient technologies out there that are being rediscovered.

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    Re: Should I use multiple systems?

    If I am not mistaken they make a variable voltage 240V/12V AC/DC submersible pump.

    You might check the Grundfoss website.
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