Xantrex quality.

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Last fall, I installed two XW's and had the knockout problem. No biggy but surely added time and frustration to the job. On the same job, I replaced two C40 charge controllers. One failed after two weeks. Last month, I had to replace the other one under warranty. This week I installed two Freedom 1800HF inverters on two different jobs. The second one will invert and pass through but the charger doesn't work. It says it's in bulk but there is little or no output to the battery.
My question is- Has Xantrex quality dropped off lately? Anyone having these kinds of problems? BTW- They lost my RMA C40 in their system and when I called checking on it, they admitted they had messed up and overnighted one to me.


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    Re: Xantrex quality.

    you mean like this?:confused:
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    Re: Xantrex quality.

    That's the first I heard that. I haven't installed any GTs and I doubt I will. All of my work involves batteries and most are off grid. The two Freedom jobs were UPS set ups for condo dwellers. I have installed Trace equip. for 15 years and I would hate to lose Xantrex as a trusted supplier.
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    Re: Xantrex quality.

    We had some problems with the C-series controllers, mainly the C-40 a few months ago, have not heard of anything recently.
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    Re: Xantrex quality.

    Not sure, but aren't all their products made in or assembled in China?
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    Re: Xantrex quality.

    I know the XW's are not assembled in China. The boards in the C-40s are made in that area but assembled in Canada or the US.
    Both of my C-40s came from our sponsor. They accepted the first one and replaced it quickly but when I called about the second one, I was told that I had to send it back to Xantrex and I had some grief with them.
    I was told that they have moved all of their operations north of the border and it seems they contract all of the US shipping to a company in Blaine, WA.
    I won't have a chance to remove the Freedom inverter for a few days so I won't call to get a RMA until I have it ready to ship but I hope that it won't be a real hassle as there wasn't much money in mark-up or labor on the job and the extra trips will eat all of it.
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    Re: Xantrex quality.

    Well ,a friend of mine had problems with 2 Xw mppt ,noone of them getting more than 6 A instead of the 35 that should be.
    Is there any list of bugs or something? the maintenance service couldn't find anything..........
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