Bluesky IPN remote

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An odd request,,, and MOD can delete if not appropriate!

I would love to borrow an Bluesky IPN remote for a couple of weeks to configure a couple of parameters on my controller. I am going to try to run my propane fridge off the load control side, but want to configure it a bit different than the default. I don't really need to spend the money on the unit, nor send it to BS to have them do it.




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    Re: Bluesky IPN remote

    Buy, sell, trade, and borrow of personal equipment is fine here.

    Request that the "details" (addresses, phone numbers, negotiations of costs, Ebay links, and such) be conducted off-line via PM's or email (for your protection as well).

    Have fun!
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    Re: Bluesky IPN remote

    No one out there willing to trust me?

    I probably wouldn't trust me either!

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